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OGG Video Converter

Convert AWB to OGG

OGG Video Converter converts AWB files to OGG format easily and quickly. The software also supports more than 90 audio and video files and batch conversion.

  1. Free Download OGG Video Converter
  2. Install the Software by Step-by-step Instructions
  3. Launch OGG Video Converter
  4. Choose AWB Files

  5. Click "Add Files"
    Click "Add Files" to choose AWB files and add to conversion list.

    Choose one or more AWB files you want to convert
    Choose one or more AWB files you want to convert and then click "Open".

  6. Choose Target File Format

    to OGG
    Choose "to OGG"

  7. Convert AWB to OGG

  8. Click Convert
    Click "Convert" to convert all AWB files into OGG format.

    Converting AWB files to OGG
    The software is converting AWB files to OGG format.

  9. Play & Browse

  10. Play & Browse
    Right-click converted item and choose "Play Destination" to play the destination file, choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the destination file.

  11. Done

What is AWB?
Adaptive Multi Rate - WideBand (AMR-WB) is a speech coding standard developed after the AMR using same technology like ACELP. The codec provides excellent speech quality due to wider speech bandwidth of 50-7000 Hz compared to narrowband speech codecs which in general are optimized for POTS wireline quality of 300-3400 Hz. AMR-WB is codified as G.722.2, an ITU-T standard speech code.

What is OGG?
Ogg Vorbis (sometimes just called Vorbis) is an open source patent-free audio compression format, developed as a replacement for proprietary digital audio encoding formats, such as MP3, VQF, and AWB. Vorbis files (which have an .ogg extension) compress to a smaller size than MP3 files, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. According to many reports, Vorbis provides better sound quality than MP3.

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